Calling College

Alyssa Pavelka, Staffer

  Out of 573 seniors at Rouse, 183 have been accepted into a college. Rather than go to college, some rouse seniors have either chosen to work or fight in the Military, Navy, or Air Force.

  College, a word both praised and feared by adults and students. High school is just a stepping stone in life and now we have seniors such as Trevor Ellis, Elsa Guzman,Kelton Arms, and Brooke McKinnon who are taking that next step in life.

  “The reason I want to go to college is to get a higher education,” said McKinnon. “Going to college has been a dream of mine since I was a kid and now I’m finally going.”

  While college may have been first choice for many seniors this was not the case for Kelton Arms, who had applied and got accepted into the Air Force.

  “I want to go because there is more opportunity for work,” said Arms. “I also get paid while going to the Force so it’s a win win.”

  Though the Air Force is not for everyone as some wish to pursue different dreams that require a unique set of skills and education.

  “I’m going to college to get a bachelors in Actuarial science,” said Guzman. “It requires mathematical and statistical methods used in insurance, finances and other professions.”

  Going to college or the Force is great for getting an education but there are more to college than just smarts.

  “College is great for getting away from parents,” said Ellis. “Sometimes you just need to do things your own way without parents there.”

  Most people know what it they want from college and which college they want to attend in order to get the job they dream but others don’t and that’s just life.

  “When I was younger I didn’t know where I wanted to go for college,” said McKinnon. “Now that I’m older I know that I don’t want to go to a college with tons of people, which helps narrow my choices.”

  College is not to be feared, it gives an experience that can never be attained anywhere else no matter where you go to get a higher education. College is apart of life and a stepping stone in moving on to reach a higher maturity, there is no better teacher than experience itself.