The Travel Germ

Selected students travel overseas for a once in a life time adventure


Germany's national flag

Araceli Cruz Gonzalez, Staffer

Selected  students will travel to Germany this summer in a school organized trip. The trip will provide a way for students to learn and participate in new culture and lifestyles.

“Experiencing other cultures and pieces of the world is something we can take with us for the rest of our lives,” trip coordinator Madison Houston said. “No matter what our students are most excited about, they will be blown away by this experience, and every one of them will also come home with a more diverse and experienced world-view.”

The group of students will depart just three days after the end of school. Their trip will last  eleven days during which they will be able to travel to the top of Mt. Pilatus,visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, and explore several cities.

“It’s important that students take these opportunities to travel because for some of them, it might be their only chance to experience such an amazing trip with their peers,” Houston said. “Traveling with student groups is completely different than traveling with your family because you can really get a feel for what traveling or even living abroad as a student is like.”

Even though the trip was pricey many were driven to go. The school provided fundraising opportunities to raise money to travel.

“The main way I made the money to pay for the trip was I sold boxes of chocolate,” sophomore Taylor Hutcherson said. “I’ve never traveled out of the country, state or even the city without my parents so I know it’ll be a great experience because you’re out of your comfort zone.”

For some students this will be their first time traveling abroad and they are ready for the opportunity to go.

“I’m eager and ready for summer to get here so we can go.” sophomore Bailey Saul said.  “I’ve never been out of the country before so  getting to do that is what i’m looking forward to the most. It’s important to go out to other places and countries a to see what the differences are from everyday life.”