A Promising Night

From hair to makeup and nails to dinner, there’s a lot to do for prom night, here are some tips to help you through it

Destiny De La Paz and Bailey Kerns

When the big night rolls around, students want to look their best. Deciding where to purchase a dress or tux, where to get your nails touched up, your hair styled or where to eat can be easy, if you follow the suggestions below.

HAIR – Hair can make or break the look you’re going for. Unless you feel confident in your hair styling skills, making an appointment with a local salon is a great option. Go by before prom day to try a look you may want, and once you find what works best for you and your dress, make an appointment for the day of prom.
Strapless Dress or Sweetheart Neckline – Hair Down
Spaghetti Strap or V-neck – Hair Half Up
One Strap – Hair to the Side
High Neckline – Up-do

MAKEUP – It is the finishing touch to your look and sets the tone for your entire look. You can make an appointment at a beauty salon to get your makeup done by a cosmetologist or you can have a friend or family member do your makeup. If you choose the cosmetologist option, just like with your hair, go in before your actual appointment to figure out what your makeup can look like. Other girls prefer to do their own make up. There is no right or wrong answer. Just remember to try out the look you want before the big night.
Dark Shaded Dresses – Darker smokey eyes with a noticeable lip color
Light Shaded Dresses – Brown and tan eyeshadows with a subtle lip color
Bold Shaded Dresses – Nude eyeshadow with a darker lip color

NAILS – Unlike hair and makeup, nails can normally be done without an appointment. To avoid any problems, head to the salon before the day of prom.
French Tips – Compliments any style or color of a dress
Solid Colors – Getting your nails painted the same color as your dress can cause clashing. Pick an accent color that is present in the dress, shoes or jewelry, to compliment the dress.
Regular Polish – Stays on for a few days before chipping
Gel – Stays on for about 2-3 weeks
Acrylics – Stays on for two weeks

DINNER – If you’re in the mood for Italian food, make your way down little Italy and go to the restaurant; BRIO Tuscan Grille located at 10000 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759 ($$$$)
-For something a little more casual and trendy you can go to PF Chang’s at 10114 Jollyville Rd (Make sure to call and make reservations) ($$$)
-Also on the moderns side you and your prom group/date can head to the ever-so-great Cheesecake Factory at The Arboretum, 10000 Research Blvd ($$$$)
-For a quick little snack you and your guests can enjoy an ice cream at Amy’s open until 1 am on Saturdays and Sundays. 10000 Research Blvd Ste 140, Austin, TX ($)
-Just in case your date is a picky eater and you aren’t sure what type of food they like, before prom you can stop Zoe’s for Kitchen at 10000 Research Boulevard, Suite 101, Austin, TX open until 9 pm ($$)
-Just because prom has to come to an end doesn’t mean that the prom partying has to. Places like IHOP ($$) and Whataburger ($$) are open 24 hours located at 13201 Ranch Rd 620 N, Bldg Q, Austin, TX 78717 (IHOP) and the trails at 620, 8300 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78726