The Joke’s On You

Students explain some of the best April Fool’s pranks they have pulled on friends and family

Alyssa Pavelka, Staffer

Pranks on friends and family are pulled year round, but there is one day, one time a year where we celebrate pranks and people falling for foolish tricks. In 1582, April 1 was actually a day to celebrate the New Year, but Pope Gregory XIII replaced the Julian calendar with the new Gregorian calendar.

The new calendar changed New Years to January 1, and those who adopted the Gregorian calendar made fun of those who still practiced the Julian way. The way they made fun of them was by sending traditionalists on “fool’s errands” or tricking them into believing something false.

That is why we now have April Fools Day.

Pranks of all kinds are played. Whether it be putting clear plastic wrap on the toilet seat, to lying in a bathtub full of red dye, the prank is for the amusement of the prankster, not always the pranked.

These are just a few pranks Rouse students have played on their friends and family.

“I once told my dance teacher I broke my foot,” sophomore Jordan Schneider said. “She did not respond the way I thought she would. She was not happy at all.”

Having a broken foot is not good for the team, but there’s no harm done when it’s just for fun. Keeping this in mind, students should be careful with the jokes they may decide to play on their mom.

“In middle school, I got my dance director to call my mother and tell her I got caught with drugs,” sophomore Katlin Hernandez said. “She didn’t fall for it though. It would have been more fun if she had believed it.”

Senior Elijah Jackson also thought it would funny to pull a prank on his mother for April Fools Day.

“I told my mom her car was on fire,” Jackson said. “She got so upset when she realized it was a joke. She was so not happy with me.”

Junior Jacob Vargas had a different idea involving a smell, for one of his April Fools jokes.

“I put spoiled meat under my cousin’s bed,” Vargas said. “It stayed there for weeks because he didn’t notice. When he finally figured it out, he was pretty upset.”