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Bad driving: There have been a lot of disagreements in the student parking lot involved bad driving. Students are speeding out and almost hitting other cars in the process. The before and after school traffic is really busy because students are trying to rush to either go hang out with friends, go home or get to work.
Rating: F

Graduation: On the Project Grad website, there is a lot of information pertaining to seniors and graduation in general. This website is located on the Rouse homepage and is available for students and families. There is information there about the time, location and FAQs about graduation. The site can be visited whenever, and it alleviates a fluctuation of questions and rumors.
Rating: A+

Stress: At this point in the year, AP testing is approaching, and college decision deadlines are on the horizon. With the help of teachers, peers and counselors, this stressful time is manageable, and students are able to take on the challenge head on.
Rating: B

Cafeteria: In past years, there have been struggles in the cafeteria pertaining to the lines and the food. However, this year, traffic has been easy to mingle through and the food has been much better thanks to the hard work of the cooks and staff.
Rating: B-

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The School Newspaper of Rouse High School
Making the Grade