Soccer ends first half of season with enthusiasm about success

Rachel Schneidereit and Emily Rowe

Excitement about soccer has caught on around campus. Boys and girls have won tough games and defeated several teams who are known for making a run in the playoffs. With interest spreading, crowds are growing larger and players are stepping up their efforts to give their fans a peek, at what they hope. will be an extended season.



The JV and varsity girls soccer teams are halfway through their season, preparing for the rest of their two-month schedule.

“So far, we are playing well and our season has gone really well,” senior varsity player Haley Hoppe said. “As a team, we have several goals and are hoping to win district and go pretty deep into playoffs.“

The teams are currently working with new coach, Katie Kistner, to uphold winning streaks and win against district opponents.

“I am proud of these girls’ relentless spirit to never settle, give up, or bow down,” Kistner said. “They have faced many obstacles and have impressively risen above each of them. I am privileged and blessed to work this year’s team.”

As the season progresses, the girl’s will have to continue pushing to win their games.

“Coach Kistner is inspirational and pushes us to be even better than we are,” junior varsity player Celise Phillips said. “She cares about every single player, and her positivity makes me happy to be on the team practicing everyday.”

The teams are hoping to improve their skills and teamwork, both on and off of the field.

“The biggest challenge I think we’re facing is coming together like family,” Phillips said. “I think we’re changing that, with the help of our new coach and a new look on where we want to go as a team.”

The girls are looking at achieve personal goals, as well as team goals.

“We are focused on a strong work ethic, which should ensure continued success,” sophomore JV player Lexi Aragon said. “We want to do our best and give it all we’ve got.”



The boys’ soccer team kicked off their 2017 season, Jan. 5, with a 3-1 win against Leander.

“We started strong, and we have continued doing well,” senior Emilio Gonzalez said. “We need to improve in scoring more goals, but we will work on that. We are always hyped when the crowd comes out to cheer for us.”

The team is constantly hard at work, preparing for a run in the playoffs.

“A huge goal for us is getting a playoff spot,” Gonzalez said. “Teams are pretty good in our district, so just coming out with a focused mind and doing our thing plays a major role.”

Since some of the players have known each other for a while, it’s easy for them to know each other’s moves, on and off of the field.

“I’ve played with most of my teammates since middle school,” Gonzalez said. “We know how one another plays, and we combine our skills to do great things.”

The boys’ brought down defeated Georgetown 2-1 on Jan 27, a previously undefeated team.

“Beating former teams that have made the playoffs is a huge deal for us, “ junior Riley Helbert said. “We’re in a tough district, but I feel like we proved ourselves by beating Georgetown.”

The next game will take place Feb. 14, which is also Elementary night.

“With each opponent, we have our ups and downs, but we always stick together,” Helbert said. “We’re a well connected group, and I’m excited to see how the rest of the season will go.”