Theatre draws to a close with One Act Play

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Theatre draws to a close with One Act Play

photo by Kelsey Tyner

photo by Kelsey Tyner

photo by Kelsey Tyner

Brandon Lemus, Staffer

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And scene.

Finishing their UIL performance, theatre shares with their feelings on how their show went, what helped prepare for it, and what will prepare them for next year.

“Since we advanced it’s not over yet but it’s always sad when it’s done” junior Emily Spitler said. “I love competition day, [it is the most exciting thing] watching everyone perform and the jitters you get right before you go on.”

The actors and actresses that participated in this performance have been working on this since the beginning of February and were restricted to practicing only eight hours a week. They spent all of which getting into the feel of things and trying to get into character.

“Doing character development with the other cast members and Smith really helped me prepare for our performance” Spitler said. “The part itself was really difficult because my character is different [and] because she only talks in rhymes.”

Those who were unable to fit on the cast selection were put on rally squad.  The rally squad is traditional for theatre teacher Mrs. Smith, it allows the actors who aren’t part of the play to be understudies of those who are participating.

“Rally squad has taught me a lot about how the contest works and how the theatre program itself works.” freshman Gavin Hahn said.

Both actors and actresses that did and did not participate are already starting their planning for next years competition.

“There’s always room to improve my diction and character each time I get on stage” senior Sydney Norris said. “Which is what I strive to do.”

After having gotten through the practices, rehearsals, and finally the practices the theatre crew shares their thoughts on what their biggest accomplishment was.

“It was a big accomplishment when we advanced and when Sydney and Diego won best actor and best actress” Spitler said.  

Along with Spitler, Norris also shares what she believes was the biggest accomplishment of the play.

“The biggest accomplishment for the show I think was accurately portraying mental illnesses and shedding a light on how hard it can be for families that can’t understand kids that have them.”

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