AP or ACC?

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April 29, 2017

Looking ahead, which classes would be better for you?


Once your junior year rolls around, students can choose to take AP or ACC classes. While this can be a difficult choice, there are benefits and drawbacks to both that should be considered.



Optional AP test at the end of the year

This is both a blessing and a curse, seeing as you can get college credit from the test. However, there’s only one test, and you have to pass it on the first try.

Credits from the test all typically transfer to college credit

As long as you pass the test, most colleges will let you transfer over half the credit. There are some colleges that require you to get a 4 or 5.

Helps your GPA

AP classes give you an extra weighted points towards your high school GPA.

Tons of work

No matter what AP class you choose, it is a lot of work to keep up with the class and learn all of the material.

Teachers might be more lenient with workloads

High school teachers are more likely to be understanding with late papers and work because they know you, rather than professors who may not care.

Taught to a curriculum and might end up with a strict schedule

These classes have a curriculum that must be followed before the AP test in May, so it’s fast paced and a lot to learn.



Off periods

You get Fridays off which is nice, and classes typically don’t start until later in the school year. Classes also end before the high school semester lets out.

One semester at a time

For the most part, you only need to worry about one semester at a time, rather than the whole year.

Sometimes more freedom with classes and work

These are college classes, so you can expect college level discussions and freedom within the class.


They are either super chill or super intense. There is no in between.

Does not help GPA whatsoever

While they technically start off your college GPA, just remember they do nothing for your high school GPA.

Difficult papers, assignments and workloads

Again, these are college level classes, so professors expect you to write college level papers and complete college level assignments.

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