Just for Kicks

Araceli Cruz, Staffer

Girls soccer players are undefeated as they head off toward the playoffs. With a tough game tonight against Cedar Creek, the team is forging ahead with nine wins and one tie since the beginning of the season in January.

“The girls have a lot of talent and their very tenacious and hard working,” coach Katie Kistner said. “Their focus matched with their skill and talent, has been very monumental in our success of being undefeated.”

Dropping down from 6A to 5A has also helped the team be more successful. In 6A there were more players, which made each game more challenging. The transition to this new classification has given the girls more of an advantage.

“6A is a whole other level of competition,” senior Haley Hoppe said. “When we switched down to 5A, it helped. It’s still really challenging, but it’s a lighter load to take.”

The team has been focusing on making sure the girls’ health is excellent, as well as the team being united.

“We’ve been doing a lot better this year, not just because of the teams, but also because of our new coach,” junior Cori Meuth said. “Coach Kistner pushes us to do our best, and she definitely challenges us to do a lot of work.”

Cedar Park and Cedar Creek teams have been the most challenging competition for the girls, but so far, they have managed to defeat them in the games with only one tie with Cedar Park. The team is currently in first place in the district and is well on their way to winning district in late March.

“We have a lot of talent on the team,” Kistner said.  “I’m really impressed with them. Once you win like they have been doing, typically, in most teams it’s hard to keep their focus up, but they have done a good job in challenging themselves and continuously working hard.”