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Frivolous Funding

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April 29, 2017

Editor reflects on lighthearted spending and woes of not having any cash on hand


Apparently, acceptance is the first step to recovery.

In this case, I have to accept this.

I do not have a job and therefore, should not be wasting my money on frivolous things.

Yes, Michelle, this means stop buying books you know you’re not going to read. No, Michelle, you don’t need another $30 set of oil paints.

I don’t know if you guys have ever noticed before, but life is expensive. Like, super expensive. I mean, am I the only one who’s actually kind of thinking they’re going to be in debt for a long time? But that’s besides the point.

I hoard my money and choose not to spend it on things I deem unworthy (despite the fact that I might actually need it), and immediately follow that by buying another book.

Like the other day, I told myself I shouldn’t buy earbuds or clothes because they’re too expensive, and then the following day, I bought the Harry Potter box set (the one with Hogwarts on the spines which costs about $60) because, wow this is such a great deal!

My bank account only has so much money in it. So, what am I going to do when I need to buy someone a birthday present?

Tell them, “Sorry, I bought an expensive video game a while ago and don’t have any money to buy you a quality gift?”
That would make me a horrible friend, and I don’t want that.

Alright then, my new personal goal is to be more reasonable with money hoarding. Set limits, be smart about this. Since I don’t have a regular income, I can’t spend money on expensive things I don’t really need.

Budgeting would be smart and beneficial, but I kind of really want some of those books that came out in September.

Honestly, what’s another $20?

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Frivolous Funding