Insecurities don’t define you or me

Araceli Cruz, Staffer

Yes I’m insecure.

I don’t like the way my laugh sounds. I don’t like the texture of my hair. I don’t like the way I can’t talk to people in any occasion. Insecurities, are they really a dislike or a fear?

Insecurities are the destruction of personalities. We see so many flaws in ourselves, am I too short, are my ears too big, or even, my freckles are weird – sometimes they take control of our lives.

We have access to all these social medias that are amazing to keep in touch and to keep us entertained when we don’t want to do homework. But when we see the people behind those screens we can’t help but compare ourselves to them.

Now don’t go on thinking this is a story about how social media is bad for us because I would be hypocritical. This is about how you should define who you are and be proud you are that way. I know everyone of you can think about something that their insecure about, I know I do.

I’ll admit that I stood in front of my mirror trying to figure out why my smile was wrong. For ten minutes I stood in front of that mirror and tried out different ways to smile but my cheeks made my eyes look small or you couldn’t see my bottom teeth.

As those ten minutes started to fade I came to a realization that I shouldn’t care what a smile looks like because the only perfect smile is the one that can be made unexpectedly, a real one. But as soon as I realized that I also knew that I still care. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.

That’s the most awful and, in a way, beautiful things about insecurities, they bring us down but sometimes,if we can fight for it, they make us stronger.
No amount of fake necessities can change who you are.