Club Spotlight: Live Action Role Play (LARP)

Students form Live Action Role Play club for fantasy lovers

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photo by Caitlin Segraves

LARP club president Alex Bourland battles in front of the school during Advocate.

WHAT IS LARP? LARP is a club where students can participate in a live action role play game and become characters from fantasy worlds. They duel others in fun and active quests for glory.

WHY DID YOU START LARP? “To bring people together, like football players and theater kids.”
-Club President Alex Bourland, 12

BRINGING BACK MEMORIES: “Takes me back to when I was a young lad and played with swords.”
-Ethan Blake, 12

MEETS: During Advocate every Wednesday in Mrs. McKenney’s room 6101.

AMOUNT OF MEMBERS: Between 20-30

WHY DO YOU PARTICIPATE? “I enjoy lightly tapping my friends aggressively in the face with foam swords.”
-Will Carnes, 11

SECRETS FOR NEW MEMBERS: “I prefer two weapons, block with one attack with the other. Gains extra points.”
-Chance Roddy, 12

JOIN THE FIGHT: Fight along with Rouse warriors and meet people from
different worlds while participating in LARP.