Carpe Diem

After three years of high school, editor learns it’s time to seize the day


Photo by: Destiny De La Paz

Photo by: Destiny De La Paz

Destiny De La Paz, Online Editor


Time is a friend to none but an enemy to all.

We live in a very diverse world, different views, different goals, but what’s the same for us are the seconds in minutes, minutes in hours, and hours in the day. As humans we are reckless, thinking time in infinite when in fact time is the complete opposite; time is finite.

And one day before we realize it, ours will be up. It’s quite morbid but it’s better to accept it now before it’s too late.

I say this now because I may never get the chance. We have to say the things we are most scared to say because it’s better to say it and deal with the aftermath than never to say anything at all. We only get so many opportunities to do or say what our hearts desire so why would we not take advantage of every opportunity this life gives us.

As I sat back and watch some of my closest friends finish their last days of high school it made me realize how fast time went by. Three years passed by, three birthdays, three Christmases, three New Year’s celebrations. All of that seemed far-fetched at the time but now, it’s almost my time. Anything could happen between now and a year from now when I walk the stage.

It’s definitely a carpe diem type of feeling, a wake-up call of sorts. Like I said, as humans we are reckless with our time. I don’t want to waste mine going after a boy, or stressing about an exam, or comparing myself to my friends. Everything happens for a reason in its own time so why waste yours trying to dictate the future. It’s time to seize the day.

Set a goal, make memories, and live life to the fullest. The only way I know to truly do that is to be still. We have to appreciate the little things life has to offer because we never know if there will ever be a next time.