Pirates’ Falls Short

Rachel Sloan

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Release Date: May 20, 2011 (3D/2D theaters and IMAX 3D)
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Director: Rob Marshall

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides had many great ideas bound into one movie. However each idea that the writers had was not blended into the movie well. Had they stuck with one topic the movie could very well have followed the example of its predecessors. But in reality the plot of this sequel was so scattered I found myself lost in the many ideas that were presented. It was as if the writers had sat down all with a fantastic idea, but instead of choosing one, settled for all of them in fragments. Overall, the plot was about the race to the Fountain of Youth between the British, Spanish, and Jack Sparrow.

Very rarely do I watch a movie that I truly cannot get over the impossibilities that I see. However I spent the majority of this movie whispering to the person next to me about how ridiculous it all was. They had not chosen one aspect of magic to work off of, but had all of them. Moving from zombies to mermaids to Catholics is clearly not an easy transition to make, and it showed in this film. It is very easy to get lost in the many different storylines and conflicts taking place at once.

Just by the name Pirates of the Caribbean you have to give this film some kind of credit. If nothing else this film did have an incredibly talented cast that developed their characters beautifully. The starring character Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) was entertaining as always in his pursuit of women and treasure. He, just like Captain Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and firstmate Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin McNally), were able to maintain their fantastic characterization just as in the previous three movies. As an added bonus the cast did have some nice character additions including the sassy and self-sufficient pirate Angelica (Penelope Cruz) and her powerful father Captain Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Ian McShane). As beautiful and talented as the cast was, the story line fell sadly short of expectations.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars