Club Spotlight: PERFE

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Club Spotlight: PERFE

Leah Lopez, Rumbler Staffer

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What is PERFE? Promotion of Equal Rights for Everyone

Club members: 10 students

Meets: Second and fourth Thursdays of the month

Upcoming events: A tie dye party at the end of the year and a dog tag distribution to active members who have a certain number of points.

marisa macias

Founder Marisa Macias

What do you want to be remembered for? “Our goal is just to educate people on social injustices, so I want people to remember what they’ve learned and how they can change.”- founder Marisa Macias


What do you want to see happen because of this club? “Next year I definitely want to be able to meet the whole year because this year we only met the second semester and so that really limited what we could do and maybe meet every week because it’s kind of hard to organize because we want to do volunteer work and definitely grow.” – Macias

You know you’re in PERFE when…“When you spend all of Advocate arguing with everybody about feminist ideals and fun stuff like that.”junior Savannah Crosby