It’s off to work we go

Victoria Gomez

Whether you’re bored or need the cash, here are the best summer jobs.

Babysitting – Babysitting is an easy, fun way to make money. Painting, watching movies or playing at the park can be part of your job as a babysitter.

Camp Counselor – If you like kids, working as a camp counselor or camp leader is a great job in the summer.

Fast Food – From Taco Bell to Wendy’s, fast food places always need student workers. You serve people, take orders, make the food, and just might get to eat for free.

Amusement Park – Six Flags, Schlitterbahn and Main Event are all good places for teens to get jobs during the summer. Part of your job duties are hanging out with friends and making other families happy.

Lifeguard – Sitting by the pool isn’t a bad way to spend the summer. Saving people from drowning, making sure kids don’t slip, and cleaning the local neighborhood pool are parts of being a lifeguard.

Movie Theater – Selling tickets, and candy and popcorn are part of working at the local theatre. Plus, getting to see movies for free is a huge bonus.

Pet and House Sitting – An easy way for making money is taking care of a friend or neighbor’s pet or watching over an empty house.

Tutoring – Teaching the basics to underprivileged kids and kids who struggle during the actual school year is a great way to raise money in the summer.

Yard Maintenance – Mowing yards and fixing flower beds are easy ways to keep your summer busy.