Anatomy of a Christmas tree

All the essentials to creative the perfect holiday decoration

Destiny De La Paz, Online Editor

Tree Topper
After labor-intensive work of personalizing your tree, the big finale is here; placing the tree topper on. Whether that be a star, an angel or a giant bow, it is what makes the tree complete. Placing the tree topper on is like the most important thing. Take the most important thing in your life and times it by 10. That is how important the tree topper is.

Also known as family heirlooms. Handmade ornaments that you made back in elementary school will haunt you for the rest of your life displayed on the front of the tree for all to see. Whether they were handmade or store-bought, these classy decorations make the tree personalized.

The Christmas tree skirt is the foundation of the presents. It hides the stand and gives the gifts a nice decorative presentation to sit on.

Come on, this is Christmas we’re talking about, so you have to have a tree. Whether it’s pine, or artificial; all the same joy in finally embracing the holiday season. Cue the Christmas music.

Christmas tree_schoolTinsel/Garland
Wrapping the tinsel/garland around the tree is so much fun, it adds a little extra to the tree. Sometimes lined with popcorn, in addition to the ornaments and lights making it stand out even more.

White, colorful, red or green these accessorize your living room and outskirts of your house nicely (and make your house super Christmas-y at night). A Christmas tree without lights is like hot cocoa without marshmallows; it’s just not the same.

Now Christmas isn’t about the materialistic things but it wouldn’t quite be the same without presents. Giving is always better than receiving and seeing the look on our family/friends’ faces is the best present anyone could ask for. Also, as a kid, sneaking down in the middle of the night and seeing under the tree decorated with presents makes it all the more special.