Leading Ladies Preview

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(Above) RNN preview of theatre’s fall show Leading Ladies.

Below is the Rumbler‘s preview story.

The leading men will get more in touch with their feminine side in the fall show Leading Ladies. Set in the mid-1900s, the show follows two actors who plot to take the inheritance of a wealthy Mrs. Florence by pretending to be her long-lost relatives. However, in a strange and amusing twist, the two men have to pose as Mrs. Florence’s nieces, Maxine and Stephanie.

“The show is a classic American farce,” senior Brian Robinson said. “I’m really looking forward to this. It’s one of the best comedies that I’ve ever been in.”

Robinson and Sean Companion cross dress to play women, wearing dresses, heels and braziers. But the hijinks aren’t left to just the men.

“I have to rollerblade for over half the show which is challenging because I didn’t know how to rollerblade before I was casted,” junior Sydney Norris said. “I’m really excited to be in a lead role for the first time since I got here, and in such a big show.”

This is technical director Holly Flannery’s first show after joining the theatre department this fall.

“The first show for me at this school has been a lot of fun, seeing it from start to finish,” Flannery said. “The time crunch was a bit of a problem, but I’m very proud of our finished product for the show and am really looking forward to opening night.”

Flannery has been alongside the technical students as they build an elaborate set, including a two-story piece that will be used in Leading Ladies as well as the school’s musical in the spring.

“I am very excited for the fall show because I have more control over the show that I ever have before,” lighting designer, senior Ashton Rust said. “This has created a space for me to challenge myself and do everything I am capable of doing to my fullest of my ability.”

Leading Ladies hits the stage Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16-17 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets are $8 for students in advance and $10 for general admission at the door.

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