Trinity Vasquez, 10th

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One in a series of Random Raider interviews

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Trinity Vasquez, 10th

Trinity Vasquez, 10th

Trinity Vasquez, 10th

Trinity Vasquez, 10th

Trinity Vasquez, 10th

PETS: Two pets; a dog, Chloe and a fish, Blue

CLUBS & SPORTS INVOLVED WITH: Art, it’s so fun and expressive.

FAVORITE SONIC DRINK: Just regular half and half sweet and unsweet tea on a hot day.

BOOK EVERY STUDENT SHOULD READ: Life As I Know It by Melanie Rose, it’s a very realistic and true story.

FAVORITE TEACHER: Mrs. [Victoria] Barber, because she is very relatable, doesn’t assign much homework and super easy going.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT ROUSE: The freedom to do what I want and be trusted, have responsibilities to do whatever.

IF YOU RAN THE SCHOOL, WHAT ONE THING WOULD YOU CHANGE: Passing period in the ‘R’ is too crowded and people would have to get to classes quicker, so a shorter passing period.

ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOU: Funny, always making people laugh and always joking around, it’s a good feeling to laugh and always make other people laugh even if it is a lame joke.

ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOUR IPOD PLAYLIST: Unique, I have many different and surprising styles of music and I am a huge fan of pop and today’s hits, bands like The Weekend are my favorite at the moment because their songs are so catchy and modern.

YOU’RE NOT EMBARASSED TO ADMIT: I hate Geometry. I’m glad that we have A/B days because once in Geometry is enough for me.

SOMETHING YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My pets, I love my dog so much I literally tell her anything because she can’t reply back, I’ve told her so much I would be a wreck without her.

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE FROM LAST YEAR: I’m much more confident and not so afraid anymore. Freshman year was big for me because I was so nervous and had to find who I was as a student and what works for me.

YOU’RE OBSESSED WITH: Pretty Little Liars. It’s my favorite show on Netflix and I enjoy it so much. I could watch for hours and be just as addicted. I can’t wait for it to come back.

BIGGEST WORRY: Just my future, I’m not really sure where I’m headed and I want a plan. All I know is I want to be successful with whatever I do and I’ll be content.

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