Lindsay Logan, 9th

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One in a series of Random Raider interviews

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Lindsay Logan, 9th

Lindsay Logan, 9th

Lindsay Logan, 9th

Lindsay Logan, 9th

Lindsay Logan, 9th

PETS: I have two dogs and a cat. My first dog is Milo, and he is a really old rat terrier. My second dog is a teacup Chihuahua named Otis. I also have a cat named Layla.

CLUBS & SPORTS INVOLVED WITH: When I was younger, I played volleyball for three years, and I am interested in joining the volleyball team next year because it seems like a very good mood for me.

FAVORITE SONIC DRINK: I like the Cherry Limeade because it is flavored and it’s like…I love cherries, they’re my favorite. It gives me something to look forward to during happy hour.

BOOK EVERY STUDENT SHOULD READ: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee because it’s pretty educational and it is something that students should be forced to read in their English classes because it’s just really nice and awesome.

FAVORITE TEACHER: Mrs. Ringstaff is the Human Services teacher for all grades and she is one, a family friend, and two, she is just really nice and awesome.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT ROUSE: I like the freedom I guess, because it’s just a big campus, and we didn’t have as much freedom in elementary and middle school as we do now.

IF YOU RAN THE SCHOOL, WHAT ONE THING WOULD YOU CHANGE: The “you have to be in Athletics to do sports” rule because I feel like people who aren’t in Athletics don’t get as much attention when they do stuff as people in Athletics.

ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOU: “Stay in one lane” because I don’t like things getting out of hand too quickly, if that makes sense.

ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOUR IPOD PLAYLIST: I guess I would say “different” because I have a wide range of music that I listen to, you know. It can go from Lana Del Rey to Drake and Fetty Wap.

YOU’RE NOT EMBARASSED TO ADMIT: I’m rude, like, really rude. I guess that’s something I should be embarrassed about, but I’m not because I’ve accepted that I’m pretty rude to people.

SOMETHING YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: I can’t live without my own personal space because it’s something that I need in my life in case things become too overwhelming.

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE FROM LAST YEAR: Again, freedom, and also like the amount of people because there’s like a lot of new freshmen, I guess.

YOU’RE OBSESSED WITH: Running, because I guess it just lets me get rid of all of the emotions until I’m too tired to cry or whatever, or I’m too tired to be angry. I’m too tired to feel anything.

BIGGEST WORRY: Losing people or, like, people dying because it’s like horrible, but it happens. Today I recorded my voicemail greeting in case I die and everybody is crying as they hear my voicemail.

ADDITIONAL INFO: I’m not emo! I may look or act like it but I’m not. Everybody thinks I am so that’s why I have like no friends.

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