Winter weather leaves us out of shape

Rachel Sloan

As spring arrives and the weather starts to finally begin its slope back into the heat of summer, people start to shed the winter layers. But as we do so for some unknown reason people expect us to look like we did at the end of the fall. On what planet can you stuff your face for three months, then come back slip back into your fitted shirt and still look good?

Over the fall we are encouraged to eat. With a holiday every month that is celebrated by eating how can we not eat? Halloween brings candy, Thanksgiving a feast, Christmas another, and January a celebration of the New Year. We eat, and snuggle, and keep warm and it’s fun; but as spring arrives we deeply regret it.

We head to the pool on the first warm day of the year and realize our tan is now gone, our stomachs no longer flat and shaped, and our image not as we left it. Fall, I feel ruins us; we switch into a mode of modified sleep. We eat, we sleep, and we work. But we don’t take the time to prepare for the summer. So instead we spend the spring working as hard as possible to regain what we were.

It is ridiculous for people to expect us to still look presentable when we have been hiding in the recesses of our coats all winter. Winter ruins us, that’s the cold hard reality of all the holidays that we celebrate in the season. It completely denies us preparation for when the weather returns to its typical summer heat. Winter, fun as it may be is cruel to us and leaves us unprepared. Stupid winter.