Happiness is a choice


In a world where there is hate, disrespect, violence and just pure regret, it doesn’t hurt to spread a little love and happiness. As high school students with changing minds and growing hearts, at times it can seem hard to stay positive. A simple joke a “friend” makes about you isn’t going to make you feel any better. We don’t know what others are going through. It sounds cliché to say that everyone has a story, but it’s completely true. By saying that rude comment, even as a joke, you can just be adding fuel to the fire. It’s become so natural to down talk on people in a joking matter, but where do you draw the line?

Instead of making fun of their looks or interests we should be encouraging them, it makes a world of a difference. It is important to know that you are such a wonderful person, come have lunch with me and I will listen to your story. I will be a friend. It’s as easy as that; a helping hand.

We are all living in this world together, I want to do something great with my time here. Having regrets in life does nothing but make you unhappy-instead on dwelling on a past that you cannot change, make a better future for yourself.

Being full time students, during the school year more time is spent at school then at home. After a long day at school I just want to come home and relax, but by the time I finish homework and take care of the things I need to, I’m far too tired to do anything but shower and go to bed, only to repeat the same process over again the next day. I’ve had no time to do anything I want to, things that make me happy, like obsessing about Ed Sheeran to my friends or talking about my love for Jesus and books. It’s nice to have people to rely on. It could be your parents, teachers or friends. Everyone needs a little happiness. It is very important to set time in your routine for you whether that be reading your Bible, writing in your journal, listening to music, or even sleeping. You may not see it now but the less time you spend on yourself; you can become unhappy.

We are young, thriving for success and it’s hard to have that and keep up with your priorities. With the amount of time spent at school, the way we interact with each other will have such a big. Sit with someone new at lunch, say hi to someone in the hallway, small gestures like this do so much. You could be saving someone from the wrong crowd, not only that but I’m sure it can make you feel happier.