C-Squared hosts 21 days of kindness


Destiny De La Paz, Staffer

C2 requested that the school participate in the last effort to end the year on a positive note with 21 Days of Kindness. Clubs and organizations around the school are making posters and RNN packages practicing their acts of kindness.

“21 Days of Kindness is something that C2 does every year and it’s not required but we like to do it,” C2 officer senior Bella Ching said. “We make themes for every day along with activities, hang posters for awareness.”

Students and teachers are encouraged to get involved in practicing the activities for each day.

“We plan to get all the teachers in the school, sponsors from clubs or even core class teachers to take up a day and make the whole school aware of what we’re doing and get everybody united,” Ching said.

Kindness_Cheer sized
Cheerleaders made posters for #Friendship Friday, which they hosted on Day 8.


21 Days of Kindness

Day 1     May 6: Wishful Wednesday
Day 2     May 7: Thank a Teacher
Day 3     May 8: High Five Friday
Day 4     May 11: Make Amends
Day 5     May 12: Together Tuesday
Day 6     May 13: Walk With Someone
Day 7     May 14: Tell a Joke
Day 8     May 15: #Friendship Friday
Day 9     May 19: Tutor Tuesday
Day 10   May 20: Spring Clean
Day 11   May 21: Be Courteous
Day 12   May 22: Fist bump Friday
Day 13   May 26: Pay it forward
Day 14   May 27: Compliment Someone
Day 15   May 28: Throwback Thursday
Day 16   May 29: Family Friday
Day 17   June 1: Mad Smile Monday
Day 18   June 2: Truthful Tuesday
Day 19   June 3: Congratulate the Graduates
Day 20   June 4: Thank You Thursday
Day 21   June 5: Farewell Friday