Single on Valentine’s Day

Rachel Sloan

Valentine’s Day is a day committed to showing love for your special someone. However, there are a lot of people who don’t have someone special on that day.

People spend their time very differently if they’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Some like freshman Sabrina Lomosad have a girl’s night out while others just spend the day alone.

“I drive around with all my friends,” Junior Zachary Felice said. “And I eat lots of Reese’s chocolate hearts.”

But for those who feel like having a Valentine is necessary you can just become aware of all the love around you.

“I hang out with my other friends,” sophomore Aaron Sturk said. “They are my Valentine’s, I don’t need a someone special. I spend it with people I love and care about.”

If you choose to stay indoors on Valentine’s Day here’s a few suggestions of things to do:

1.       Make a valentine for your single friends to show your love for them.

2.       Make someone feel beautiful.

3.       Leave an anonymous note in a public place that makes someone feel loved.

However you choose to spend Feb. 14, remember that you are loved and valued in this world.