Yoyo’s Frozen Yogurt

Rachel Sloan

Yoyo’s Frozen Yogurt

1335 E. Whitestone Blvd Building E-200

Cedar Park, TX 78613


As I entered Yoyo’s I saw no waiters, no ice cream bar and no hostess podium, only tables as far as the eye could see and a row of metal handles on the far wall. It was the perfect teenage environment, with Guitar Hero set up and dry erase boards for tables. Teens can hang out with friends, snack on frozen treats and draw all over the walls in their free time. The environment is perfect for teenagers with friends, but not ideal for a family outing. The room echoed with the cries and chatter of children as the family hour approached.

The restaurant is set up so that you choose your own serving size, flavor and cost. How much you pay is based upon how much your yogurt weighs. The weekly changing flavors keep the menu exciting, but favorite flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, and mixed berry always remain available, too. Overall, Yoyo’s frozen yogurt is a big hit and a refreshing change to everyday dessert restaurants.  –Rachel Sloan

Rating: 4 ½ of 5 stars