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Natalie Sinha
Natalie Sinha is the Junior Editor of the Raider Rumbler Newspaper. She is on the varsity dance team, the Rouse Royals, as well as a member of the UIL Academics team. Natalie placed third in Editorial Writing last year at state and was ½ of the duo that won first place at state in the team Journalism category. She also participates in a number of clubs including Student Council, Raiders Joined for Hope, All Girls Considered, Amazing Raiders, National Spanish Honors Society and the Chick Fil A leadership Academy. In her free time, though there isn’t much of it, Natalie enjoys leading a youth group and volunteering for Guest Services at Northpoint Church. She is very dedicated to journalism and promises to write meaningful pieces that can help give everyone a voice. Besides the Raider Rumbler, Natalie’s passions include caesar salad, How I Met Your Mother, spotify premium, and papermate flair pens.

Natalie Sinha, Junior Editor

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