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Raider Rumbler

Teammates and Friends

Mikaela Moore & Sam Arreola

April 9, 2010

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The Rouse Raider softball team has been doing well this season with 17 wins. Our Raider team consists of 14 girls total; 10 freshmen and 4 sophomores. Softball practice, at times can be tough, but seems to being paying off. Some...

An Unusual Sport

Mikaela Moore

February 24, 2010

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Most people have played a sport at least once in their life. Usually the sports consist of basketball, football, or maybe soccer, but these are typical sports and played by many. However, my story is a little different. I participate...

Rouse Spirit Crew

Rachel Sloan

February 10, 2010

Filed under Opinion, Sports

Even though Rouse only has freshmen and sophomores this year, we still have enormous amounts of spirit! Our attendance at games this year has been shocking, especially for such a small student population.  “Our school’s support...

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