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How To Survive in College

Michelle Contreras, Editor in Chief

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One of the most difficult things to do is move. An even more difficult thing to do is moving away from your family and friends and starting somewhere all on your own. College is the embodiment of difficulties, from beginning different classes, to starting anew and finding a place for yourself.

Here are 10 tips for incoming freshmen, collected from experienced college students.

  • Go to class – Unlike high school, college is all about money. This  means you have to pay for each class. Skipping class in college is the equivalent of taking about $50 and flushing it down the toilet.
  • Find a study place – It’s better to learn what works for you sooner, rather than later. Learn where you can study and where will be too distracting. Figure out a routine and get used to studying early on. After all, it is why you went to college.
  • Take advantage of resources – Going to tutoring or essay classes doesn’t make you stupid. In fact, in the long run, it will help you out. These programs are here to help, so get used to using these resources on campus.
  • Prioritize your life – Learning to prioritize and keep track of events and deadlines is one of the more important things you’ll learn in college. Keep a calendar or planner, and stay on track with all of the events and assignments you have in life.
  • Try out different clubs – When you first start college, chances are you won’t know many people. Trying out different clubs is a great way to meet people, experience new things and find interests you love. You don’t have to stick with everything you try, but clubs are a good place to get involved.
  • Sense of adventure – Keep in mind that you want to be smart and prioritize safety and health above all else, but you don’t want to lose your sense of adventure. Curiosity and adventure can be great tools to use in life, and adventures can make good memories. College is all about new experiences, so try different things and go places.
  • Find a balance – Studying and earning good grades is incredibly important, but so is staying healthy and finding a balance of work and play. Make sure you are staying aware of your mental health, and make time to focus on you and do things that will help lessen stress.
  • Keep track of money – Your parents aren’t there anymore to give you an allowance. This means you’ll have to budget and learn how to responsibly use a credit or debit card. Getting a part time job that pertains to your major or career might be helpful on both your resume and financial plan.
  • Don’t cut corners – College may be about experiences, but you won’t learn or experience anything if you cram at the last minute or cheat. Don’t cut corners, or else you might not learn something great.
  • Have an open mind – Everyone is trying something new in college, everyone is learning and struggling like you. Have an open mind about activities and people. Don’t be quick to judge something, or you might lose an opportunity.


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How To Survive in College